Tuesday, September 29, 2009

At camp and the beach

We took a trip to Carolina Beach last weekend and we had a lovely time. The kids were disappointed to come home after only one night in the tent. Pretty good for first-timers!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Sweet girl.

writing practice

Several of Sarah's friends have moved up to kindergarten this year, and she hears from them about the homework they do. One assignment involves writing one's name five times. Sarah decided that she'd like to practice too. For some reason, she decided to make both letter "r's" and the "h" really long. At first glance, it wasn't completely legible, but she did have all the letters in the correct order.

raisin poop

Eric found some deer poop in the yard the other day. "That looks like raisins," he said. Indeed, it does.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Stop Sign

The other day, we were sitting at a stop sign, waiting for cars to pass. Sarah said, "S, T, O, P, that spells stop, Eric." Brian and I said, "Yes, it does." Her first reading moment. How cool!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cardinal Feather

Sarah found a cardinal's feather the other day, which made its way inside. Sarah said (several days later,) "Maybe we should take this outside." I agreed. I told her to put it some place where she could find it again. Her first attempt was under the table outside, stuck between the wood on the deck. It tipped over and almost fell through immediately. She said, "Maybe that's not the best place." I said, "Maybe not." She then decided to put it in the pot with the dying gerber daisy. And she stuck it straight up again. "Beautiful," she said. "Yes," I said, although I'm not sure I really agree.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Reading Together

As I was doing dishes and cleaning up the other day, Sarah and Eric were sitting on her bed, reading. She was "reading" stories aloud to him and he was sitting next to her, listening and looking at another book. She chose the ones she's memorized, ones likes "The Very Hungry Catepillar" and "The Pokey Little Puppy." She told me after they were finished, "Mommy, I read Eric four books. He was a good listener." Moments like that make my day.

Sarah, Cat Whisperer

So there's this cat that likes to stop by and say hello to us every once in a while. Brian's named him Mystery, because we have no idea where he lives or who he belongs to. And Sarah loves him. She'd play with him all day long if he let her. She follows him around, talks to him, pets him, and tries to pick him up. He tolerates (and even likes) everything but the picking up. That's usually when he decides he's had enough and makes his exit. Until that point, the pair have a fine time together!