Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Moving On

Sometimes things don't work out the way you might have hoped. Or maybe they do, and it's just different than you'd anticipated. My business license for Letters & Lullabies expires today, and I've decided not to renew it. Hillsborough doubled the price, and I haven't made enough money at this endeavor to justify another year. I thought I'd be disappointed by the thought of letting it go, but honestly, I'm more relieved than anything else. It's been a very rewarding experience, but it has also taken a lot of time and energy, from me and Brian too. (Thank you Brian, for all of your support!) I had hoped that lots of people would love the idea, and that I could eventually charge more and sell more. No such luck.

Next question - what to do with my free time (all of those two or three hours per day)? Well, I'm going to spend this evening watching my favorite shows on HGTV. And then maybe I'll spend some time writing, or finding new recipes to try, or repainting the playroom, or gardening, or any number of fun things that I've neglected while trying to make an at-home business thrive.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Naps 101 - Update

I guess I've got the magic touch when it comes to teaching our kids how to nap (or at least rest on command.) I learned from the best, after all! Thanks, Dad! Maybe it's in the genes . . .

Two Peas in a Pod

Sarah and Eric can bicker with the best of them, and I spend a good portion of my day playing the role of mediator. Thankfully, there are also many moments in the day in which they are each other's best friend. It's a sweet thing, this sibling love.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Dad's Day!

Sarah drew Brian a princess for Father's Day and she made sure that I explained what it was, just in case the crown, dress, and high heels might have been mistaken for something else. Eric drew a lot of snakes, the moon, a house, and his "name". I gave Brian some beer and his favorite chocolate (which he greatly deserves, for being such a good dad.) And while I'm on the topic of great dads, Grandpa and Grandpop are two of the best I know.

Naps 101

Eric woke up early from his nap today. When he came downstairs, still sleepy, he and Brian reminded me of something. From what my dad says, he used to "teach" my sister and I how to nap. If he wanted a break in the day, he'd try to talk us into lying down with him for a mid-afternoon rest. Sometimes it worked the way he liked, and sometimes it didn't. Brian got Eric to lie down for about thirty seconds before he popped up again. No luck this time, I guess!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wild Child

Eric is my wild child. When awake, he cannot sit still for more than two minutes at a time (on average). He gets into trouble more than I would like, and there doesn't seem to be a single consequence that effects him. He's out of control (in the funniest way possible, but still.) There are these moments though, when he is really, really sweet. He gives kisses and hugs, and sometimes just rests his head on your shoulder or lap. He gives you just a little taste, leaving you wanting more. When he's done, he races off to the next adventure.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Life is Sweet

Some dreams that I wish for my children, when they are both young and old - they think of this world as a good one, their lives are rich and full, they choose to be happy and strong. Ice cream and big wheels is a good enough start for me.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Girls vs. Boys

Sarah was feeling especially philosophical this morning, when she said, "Grandma and I heal fast." She had fallen earlier and there was no scratch to show for it.

I replied, "Yes." She's heard Brian and I talk about Grandma's ability to heal quickly. After two successful hip replacements and brain surgery, the woman is a medical wonder in terms of healing time.

Sarah went on, "Nana heals fast, too. You do too, Mom."

"Sure," I said.

Sarah continued, "I think girls heal faster than boys. I think they deal with problems better, too."

"Really?" I asked. I was thinking about the many concerns Sarah has brought to my attention, compared to her younger brother, who shares none of his with me. (He may create problems, but he doesn't complain much.)

"Yes," she answered. "I think so."

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

3-D Puzzle

After we put some puzzles together, Eric decided to make one of them three dimensional. He wasn't accurate with all of them, but he did get the school bus on the school bus.

Pet Rocks

Yesterday, Sarah, Eric, and I made rock bugs. Sarah made a red ladybug, a yellow one, and a rainbow beetle, based on her own descriptions. She even made pinchers for a couple of them and drew dots where she wanted me to put the eyes. Too cute. And now I have minature garden art. Lucky me!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Duke Forest

Sarah, Eric, Penny, and I went a walk in the woods the other day and had a great time. When I first suggested taking Penny on a walk, the kids said no. However, when I told them they could play in the water, they both said, "YES!!"

Monday, June 1, 2009

Eric at Naptime

I just checked on Eric, to make sure he was napping. Anyone see a sleeping two year old in the bed? I guess he decided the floor behind the chair would be a more suitable place to rest. I'd disagree, but it's his choice, right?