Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I had accepted disappointment. I had given up on the hope of snow this year. I had decided that we'd be okay without all that comes with it - their three layers of clothes and wild-eyed grins, snowball fights and sled rides, sips of hot chocolate and piles of mittens, boots, and wet clothes left by the door.

Spring hasn't come early - it's been here for most of the winter, and while I appreciate the warmer weather, it hasn't felt like winter should. But, just when I thought we didn't stand a chance, winter gave us its greatest gift (no matter the small amount), and we had a great time. (Except that Brian kept catching all the snowballs I threw at him.)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

crazy, but true

Guess what? I get to call these girls my co-workers! (They're not nearly as thoughtful or interesting as my new human co-workers, but I'm entertained by the fact that I get to say hi to them everyday.) I finished my first full day as Garden Coordinator at Chestnut Ridge today, and it felt good. While I've had a range of emotions related to this transition - from pure joy and gratitude to indecision and dread - I've landed solidly in a happy place. I realized this morning, while planting carrot seeds, that today is probably the first time I've spent an entire day away from the kids, without feeling guilty that someone else is watching them. It was a passing thought, but it struck me that with this opportunity, I get to be independent, to learn and grow, to do something that I love. Awesome . . .

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

missing tooth

Sarah has finally lost a tooth from the top row! It fell out while she was eating her cereal - no blood this time, so I managed quite well. Although the way she moved it to a horizonatal position before it came out was sort of gross . . .