Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sticky Buns

Brian decided to treat the kids (and himself) to cinnamon rolls for dessert tonight. We had eggs for dinner, so why not finish it off with another breakfast treat, right? Sarah and Eric both complained about the stickiness and used forks to eat them. Brian explained that yes, in fact, another name for cinnamon rolls is sticky buns. Eric started laughing and then said, "Stinky bum." Sarah started cracking up, so he then said, "Stinky poopy bum," which received even more laughter. He repeated it several more times, much to Sarah's delight. "He said 'Poopy,' Mommy!!" As a mom, I felt obligated to end the potty talk. However, the English teacher in me couldn't help but note the impressive word play.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

To my son, who is now a big three year old!!

And to my sister, who happens to be a few years older than three!!

Thank you both, for adding so much to my life. Love you!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Handmade Playroom

So I'm finally getting around to posting pictures from the playroom re-do. All of of the decorations, and much of the furniture, are handmade, or painted, or altered. There are also many old things, with lots of collective memory attached. It's my new favorite (old) room in the house.

My dad made the dollhouse, and Sarah and I painted it. The furniture was made by my grandparents' neighbor in Iowa. My sister and I played with it for many years, and I'm grateful that it has been passed down to my kids.

The rag rug comes from my dad's grandma (I think.) I'll have to check on that.

Brian made the bookshelf and the small table next to it, which we all painted. The banner was made by me, the mirror was painted by Sarah and me, and the dress up hook was made by Brian and painted by the rest of the family. The dress up chest comes from my mom, and was made when they moved over to England (when she was three.)

The pillows and blanket on the sofa were made by my dad's mom. I covered the corkboards in fun fabric and they hold artwork by Sarah and Eric.

I think Penny approves, too.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Petting Moss

It's so soft and fuzzy.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Look at Me!!

The only time you ever look cute in a leotard with underpants hanging out, with socks pulled up high, and with a helmet on your head is five years old and younger. Thankfully, Sarah still fits into that age bracket, but not for much longer . . . Do it while you still can, girl!

Small Science

When we were at NC Museum of Life & Science awhile back, the kids got a kick out of the food coloring experiment that was offered. So, a few days later, they became scientists once again. For some reason, the end result was always olive green . . .