Monday, November 23, 2009

Grateful Turkeys

We worked on "thankful turkeys" the other day, and an unanticipated lesson was taught in the process. The kids did a great job painting the turkeys, and Sarah cut out all of her tail feathers and the turkey's gobble, too. When we got around to talking about what they were thankful for, Sarah started naming specific family members and friends, rather than saying "family" or "friends". Now, if there was room for lots and lots of feathers, this may have been okay, but we only had eight feathers per turkey. So, I explained that maybe "family" would work rather than "Mommy", "Daddy", or "Penny." (Note the exclusion of "Eric.") She agreed and wrote family instead. Unfortunately, she wasn't quite as willing to be inclusive about her friends, and that feather was left off the turkey. We're still working on it, but hopefully she's begun to recognize that including everyone is so much better than leaving some very good people out.

Eric's turkey - trucks, trains, Sarah, Penny, Daddy, Mommy, and plants (I'm thinking that last one was to make me happy, just a guess . . .)

Sarah's turkey - turkey (because it's Thanksgiving), candy, flowers, taggies, cats, family, and Nemo on Ice (which she'll see in Black Mountain, just after Thanksgiving)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

me smell something

Eric has moved on. That is, he's moved from asking about that sound to pointing out smells. More specifically, he says, "Me smell something," anytime he thinks someone has passed gas. He is quite accurate in his smelly ability, however, there have been a few occasions where he's falsely accused someone (or all of us). For example, we were driving in the car yesterday, and Eric said, "Me smell something." But none of us had farted. We all denied it, but Eric wouldn't let up. "Me smell you (pointing to me,) or you (pointing to Brian), or you (pointing to Sarah.)" Again, we all denied his accusations. Once again, "Um-hmm, yes, me smell you, or you, or you." Brian wisely replied, "Whoever smelled it, dealt it, buddy." Eric disagreed. Once more, he blamed the rest of us. Personally, I didn't smell anything, but who knows.

Super Girl to the Rescue!

Sarah has decided that she wants to be Super Girl for Halloween next year. In this picture, she's showing off her "super muscles" (and cute puppy belly too!)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

potato stamping

If they keep it up, the next present you receive could be wrapped in potato-stamped love!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Our House

Sarah drew our house today. She's pointing to the porch in the picture, and the green triangle on top of it is the playroom. Next to the bonus room is her room, with the attic and chimney at the very top of the page. (Mommy and Daddy and Eric don't have bedrooms, but it's her perspective, after all.) Below her room is the downstairs - she only drew the kitchen and family room, but she does have the kitchen table and family room sofas and table in there. I have no idea what the squiggly line represents. She's drawn the garage, driveway and road, as well as doors and windows. And finally, she drew the deck out back, almost as big as the rest of the house, with the table and herb planter. And, my favorite, she always includes the sun and the sky.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pumpkins at Fearrington

We've made a tradition of going with CJ and Lizzie to the annual carved pumpkin display at Fearrington Village. It's nice to be able to celebrate Halloween without candy being involved. As always, we had a great time.

Trick or Treat

Halloween 2009 . . .
Carving pumpkins,
hanging up Sarah's ghosts and pumpkins,
getting ready to get some candy (with Layla, too),
impressed by the neighbor's decorations,
"trick or treat,"
and our ghost and bat pumpkins.