Tuesday, October 25, 2011

not this time

I kept trying to get a really cute picture of this really cute dog, but she couldn't keep her eyes open with the flash on.

New Hope Valley Railway

We had heard that it was worth doing, and so we drove down to a place called Bonsal and rode a train. I had thought it would be this lovely, relaxed experience, with the kids taking it in and quietly enjoying the ride. And that is how it started. However, the ride was long enough that ants crawled into their pants, and it wasn't quite the loveliness that I had imagined. I wasn't even sure they enjoyed themselves for awhile - they kept asking when the ride would be over. When the ride did end, 55 minutes after it started, they said that they had a great time, and I guess they probably did. It was Brian and me that didn't get exactly what we had signed up for - a nice, calm, quiet time. Instead, we got lots of goofy grins, constant chatter, and a game of musical chairs. Check out the last picture - at least the ride home was quiet.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

E Man

Eric's into superheroes, and more specifically, he's into E Man. He likes to tell us stories about his great superhero adventures. Did you know that E Man can pick up the planet? And that he can even pick up a really big truck? He can fly, he can turn into a plane, he can run faster than a cheetah, and (if you hadn't guess already) he is super strong. Sometimes Eric tells us that he is E Man, and that he has all of these great adventures when the rest of us aren't paying attention. Other times, Eric says that E Man is someone else - just a superhero he happens to know.

He makes E Man tools - he's made a shield, a little sword, a big sword, a laser, a head piece with the letter "E", and other things that I can't figure out. Everytime I walk past all of this "stuff" (cups and bowls and straws and plastic knives and forks that he's taped together), I'm quite tempted to throw it away. (My general rule - if it doesn't have a home, it can't stay.) But at the same time, I find it hilarious, and so I decide to keep it all (piled up in the corner of his room) for another day.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

on Eric's birthday

Last night, Eric dreamed that he got a pogo stick for his birthday. Besides a rocket launcher or a hand grenade, I don't think I could have imagined a worse gift for him. (Seriously. Picture that kid on a pogo stick. What a terrifying thought . . . ) He thought it was a great idea.

At five, he's busy, happy, and engaged. Currently, he's very focused on accomplishing all sorts of building projects - the duct tape has served him well in recent months. He's into superheroes, knights in shining armor, matchbox cars, and Legos. He likes to tell us stories about E-man, his secret superhero identity. (Really - can it get better than this?) If Eric's around, life is good.

Happy 5th Birthday, my sweet boy . . .

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Eric, at the farm

We went to the farm last weekend, and while Sarah helped, Eric wandered. I've noticed this about him when we go - he doesn't like to do what I like to do. I wouldn't say he doesn't enjoy being there, because I think he does, but not necessarily for the same reasons I do. This time, he really liked the big spider and kept poking at it - the web would bounce all over the place, and he thought that was great. He also wanted to bring the tobacco hornworm home to put in our butterfly house. When he learned that it would instead become chicken food, he chose not to help with that task. He had exactly two food-focused moments, when he found the giant sweet potato and the bright purple eggplant.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

goodbye training wheels

Last Thursday, Sarah decided that she wanted to try riding her bike, without training wheels. Not only did she try, but she rode, and rode, and rode some more. There was no stopping her. She fell a few times, but she got up immediately, gave me a grin, and then took off again. I kept having to remind her to wait for Eric and me. It all came together in this beautiful moment - she was ready, she had no fear. If you want to feel nostalgic about childhood and its fleeting nature, check out one of my favorites. I get choked up every time I watch it. And now (sigh), we've passed another milestone . . .