Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day

When I opened up my browser to today, I saw a headline that was meant to be upsetting. Something like "The Year 2100." I opened the link and saw what could occur if global warming continues at its current rate. And I felt stuck.

I love being outside, exploring nature, experiencing our world. I try to do my part. I try to be aware of my carbon footprint. I recycle, I compost, I donate, and I reuse before throwing things away. I'm aware of the need to tread lightly.

What's hard for me, though, when I hear the dire predictions, is to have hope for a healthy planet. I fear for future generations, as we all should. But how can I affect change? What better choices can I make that might slow this process down?

Today, I made the choice to celebrate Earth Day with my kids. We took a hike with some friends, identified some flowers, and overall, had a great time outside. It's a beautiful world we live in. Today, I make the choice to inform myself as well. I'd like to be more aware of what one person can do when it comes to something so big.

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