Sunday, September 26, 2010

drawing a flower

I spent three hours drawing this flower yesterday. Why? Because I took a class at NC Botanical Garden, called "Drawing for People Who Think They Can't Draw" and this was the subject I drew. For having very little faith in my ability to accomplish this task, I feel good about what I walked away with. Along with some good drawing tips and tricks, we learned about observing the small details and taking your time, both of which are qualities I value in my everyday life. It wasn't as much of a stretch as I thought it might have been. As for the drawing, maybe if I could figure out how to add some color . . .


  1. Jen, I think you have the potential to be the next Bob Ross. Kit

  2. aren't you supposed to be studying to be a reading specialist....not a flower drawer

  3. Kit, I don't see any mountains in my drawing. Or paint. On the other hand, the mountains you've painted look somewhat remeniscent of a Bob Ross . . . And Dana, can't I dream from time to time? I learned that I could become a "Certified Botanical Illustrator". Let's add that to the list of things I might like to do someday!