Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Eric at Four

As of today, Eric is four years and one week old. I've spent much of those four years shaking my head, in utter amazement. He drives me crazy, cracks me up, and makes me proud, sometimes all within a span of a few minutes. I never know what to expect from him, and with this uncertainty comes a mixture of amusement and frustration. He keeps me busy, trying to make sure he hasn't broken something, whether it be my stuff or his arm, but he's not worried at all. I keep waiting for him to grow up a bit and let me relax, but then I think about the bigger picture. If he falls, he gets up and keeps going, with a smile on his face. That's better than I can say for myself some days, and I've got 33 years on him. (By the way, while he was running, just before this picture was taken, he fell. See what I mean?)

1 comment:

  1. He's darling! Enjoy him while you can. They grow up so fast. Blessings to you!