Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Eric's Monsters

So, I made these little books for Sarah's birthday party, and included monster stickers, so that everyone could go home and make their own monster books. Well, Eric got right on that task. He was so focused while creating his monsters and (of course) had stories to tell about all of them. He showed Sarah when she got home, and Brian when he got home. It's not often that he's proud of his artwork, and I was quite happy to see this happen, without any prompting from me. I love the random eyeball all by itself - he said that monster was invisible. And what about that last one - with the eye floating around the weird mouth? He kept laughing when he showed me how he placed everything. "It has an eyeball on its mouth, Mommy. And its bellybutton is right under its mouth! See?" Yes, yes, I see that.

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