Thursday, February 16, 2012

crazy, but true

Guess what? I get to call these girls my co-workers! (They're not nearly as thoughtful or interesting as my new human co-workers, but I'm entertained by the fact that I get to say hi to them everyday.) I finished my first full day as Garden Coordinator at Chestnut Ridge today, and it felt good. While I've had a range of emotions related to this transition - from pure joy and gratitude to indecision and dread - I've landed solidly in a happy place. I realized this morning, while planting carrot seeds, that today is probably the first time I've spent an entire day away from the kids, without feeling guilty that someone else is watching them. It was a passing thought, but it struck me that with this opportunity, I get to be independent, to learn and grow, to do something that I love. Awesome . . .


  1. Guess we will have to start calling you farmer Jen. Congrats on the new job. Kit

  2. Congratulations! Can't wait to talk to you soon.