Sunday, July 15, 2012

Eric's Teeth

Seriously. Why is it that so many posts I've written about him start out this way? Because it's deserved. Seriously. You want to know how he lost his first teeth? The ones that we had no idea were loose? He bit down on his Legos to pull them apart (of course - when in doubt, use your teeth) and found two bloody teeth in his hand. He showed them to us (and all of the cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents that were there to witness the event). He shoved a (now bloody) tissue in his mouth and went on playing - at the time he was dropping Lego cars down the steep driveway and watching them crash. Unlike his sister, there was no build up, no great anticipation. But, just like his sister, he couldn't wait for the tooth fairy to come.

Side note - That night Isaac learned that the tooth fairy doesn't really exist. He was so freaked out by the idea of someone coming into the house that Christine and Andre decided to break the news to him. He did a good job of keeping the secret, and Sarah and Eric still believe.

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