Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Moving On

Sometimes things don't work out the way you might have hoped. Or maybe they do, and it's just different than you'd anticipated. My business license for Letters & Lullabies expires today, and I've decided not to renew it. Hillsborough doubled the price, and I haven't made enough money at this endeavor to justify another year. I thought I'd be disappointed by the thought of letting it go, but honestly, I'm more relieved than anything else. It's been a very rewarding experience, but it has also taken a lot of time and energy, from me and Brian too. (Thank you Brian, for all of your support!) I had hoped that lots of people would love the idea, and that I could eventually charge more and sell more. No such luck.

Next question - what to do with my free time (all of those two or three hours per day)? Well, I'm going to spend this evening watching my favorite shows on HGTV. And then maybe I'll spend some time writing, or finding new recipes to try, or repainting the playroom, or gardening, or any number of fun things that I've neglected while trying to make an at-home business thrive.

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