Friday, June 12, 2009

Girls vs. Boys

Sarah was feeling especially philosophical this morning, when she said, "Grandma and I heal fast." She had fallen earlier and there was no scratch to show for it.

I replied, "Yes." She's heard Brian and I talk about Grandma's ability to heal quickly. After two successful hip replacements and brain surgery, the woman is a medical wonder in terms of healing time.

Sarah went on, "Nana heals fast, too. You do too, Mom."

"Sure," I said.

Sarah continued, "I think girls heal faster than boys. I think they deal with problems better, too."

"Really?" I asked. I was thinking about the many concerns Sarah has brought to my attention, compared to her younger brother, who shares none of his with me. (He may create problems, but he doesn't complain much.)

"Yes," she answered. "I think so."

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  1. Wow It is amazing to me that one so young touches on such a profound notion.  The ability of women to confide in one another may very well contribute to healing and longevity.  Fostering that openness could very well be the best life long therapy for young girls. This is an excellent reminder for me and a healing message I will pass to my daughter.Thank youSonya Carpenter