Friday, December 4, 2009

Life Without Naps

For almost five years, I've enjoyed having a break in my day, a reprieve from the noise. As a stay at home mom, one of my favorite times of the day has always been nap time. It allows me some time to myself, to get things done or to relax and do nothing at all. I've dreaded the day when naps would end, and I've threatened Brian that I would go back to work when that time came. I've always thought that I would struggle with the lack of solitude that no naps would create.

Well, the time is here. Sarah has given up naps. The process has been slow, every other day at first, and then every third day. Sarah napped once this week, on Monday, and it was only because I agreed to take one with her. I was happy to oblige!

At first, it was challenging. She was grumpy when she chose not to nap, and we'd all pay for her newly formed opinion that naps weren't fun anymore. She still has those moments, but for the most part, she does very well without the extra rest. Thankfully, she plays well by herself and even though she's not asleep, you'd barely know she's there. (She does feel the need to ask questions occasionally and comes to find me before continuing to play. She even sneaks past Eric's room on tiptoes when I remind her that he's sleeping, and then she runs full speed into the playroom.)

Now that I'm on the other side, it's not nearly as bad as I imagined. Not bad enough to send me back to work, anyway. I admit though, there are still days that I'd really like a nap!!

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