Monday, November 23, 2009

Grateful Turkeys

We worked on "thankful turkeys" the other day, and an unanticipated lesson was taught in the process. The kids did a great job painting the turkeys, and Sarah cut out all of her tail feathers and the turkey's gobble, too. When we got around to talking about what they were thankful for, Sarah started naming specific family members and friends, rather than saying "family" or "friends". Now, if there was room for lots and lots of feathers, this may have been okay, but we only had eight feathers per turkey. So, I explained that maybe "family" would work rather than "Mommy", "Daddy", or "Penny." (Note the exclusion of "Eric.") She agreed and wrote family instead. Unfortunately, she wasn't quite as willing to be inclusive about her friends, and that feather was left off the turkey. We're still working on it, but hopefully she's begun to recognize that including everyone is so much better than leaving some very good people out.

Eric's turkey - trucks, trains, Sarah, Penny, Daddy, Mommy, and plants (I'm thinking that last one was to make me happy, just a guess . . .)

Sarah's turkey - turkey (because it's Thanksgiving), candy, flowers, taggies, cats, family, and Nemo on Ice (which she'll see in Black Mountain, just after Thanksgiving)

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