Wednesday, January 13, 2010

bath talk

Tonight in the bath, Sarah's varied thoughts -

When you're first in your mom's belly, you're a little crumb, like this big. (Imagine pinched forefinger and thumb here.) It's a good thing that I got fat and gained weight because it would be hard to be a little crumb now. (Good observation and so true.)

(Three seconds later . . .)

I think I'll go potty after the bath. Oh, sorry, I shouldn't have said that. (The child is obsessed and I've explained that I would appreciate not hearing about this topic, unless she'd like to do something about her needs. I hear about her bodily functions way more than is necessary - think twenty times a day.)

(Three more seconds . . .)

Eric, give me the goggles. It's my turn to wear them.

(And three seconds after that . . .)

I liked the lemurs and the playground the best today. (We went to a new museum. More on that soon.)

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