Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Eric's Accessories

So Eric has been wearing this hat and carrying this purse around for almost two weeks now. (At least it feels that long . . .) Every day, when he wakes up, he puts the hat on and grabs the purse, which are both placed oh-so-close on his bed the night before. He takes them everywhere he goes and insists upon doing most things one-handed rather than letting go. When he does put the purse down or take the hat off, we often have to move them to sit down or eat. Brian has started calling him Erica (behind his back, not to his face.) But as you can see, there's nothing girly in the purse. He carries all of his tools in it. Lesson here - appearances can be deceiving. Personally, I'm impressed with his color coordination.


  1. The funny thing is, I didn't think you owned a purse.

  2. I love your blog-we have one too
    I think we live the same life- just add two more kids to your mix!!!

  3. Hey Dana!
    Thanks for leaving a comment. It's good to hear from you. I look forward to seeing all the crazy in your world . . .

    And Shelly,
    Indeed I do have purses (and shoes). Those are my two "things." :)