Thursday, April 29, 2010

Piedmont Farm Tour

We've talked about going on the annual farm tour for a couple of years now, and we finally got around to it last weekend. We toured two farms that offered meat, eggs, and produce. We picked up maple sausage at the first, and the kids gathered eggs at the second. (They loved the experience and both the eggs and sausage were delicious.) One of the farms is in Hillsborough, five minutes from our house, and it has an on-farm market every Saturday morning. Lucky for us, it also has friendly dogs and baby ducks to sweeten the deal. We'll go back again very soon, I'm guessing.

Another stop on the tour was a dairy farm (with yummy cheese samples and a horse drawn carriage ride!) and the last farm we visited wasn't really a farm, but instead focused on harvesting and producing alternative energy. From what I gathered, interns work and live for free in platform tents, eat together, and use the composting toilet when required. Although I've done it before, and willingly so, the idea of sleeping in a tent for more than two nights in a row along with communal anything was incredibly unappealing. (It made me feel old.) And I have to admit, we went there more for the pony rides than the biodiesel fuel. (I do appreciate the work and was quite impressed with the field of solar panels - thank you willing interns!)

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