Friday, February 11, 2011

a walk in the woods, part 2

Brian pointed out that perhaps I neglected to share some photos that were important to what I was writing about on the last post. Specifically, he asked me why I didn't share these two pictures of me - and why I falsely suggested that it was only him and Eric making funny faces for the camera. He has a point, but here's mine. I rarely ham it up for the camera, and I just happened to do so on this day. As for Brian and Eric, they always do, often making it difficult for the person behind the camera (usually me) to get a good picture. By the way, I'm totally letting go of any level of self-consciousness by posting this first picture - I look sort of crazy and kind of ugly. (No need to leave comments agreeing with this statement . . .)


  1. You're being too kind. But, as for the hat, I agree - it might be my most favorite winter accessory. :)