Saturday, March 5, 2011

salamander habitat

After learning about salamanders during a class at the botanical garden, Eric decided to create a habitat for the one he made. Let me point out the details, in case they aren't clear. First, the salamander is camouflaged, sitting on a black rock. Can you see her? She might be hard to see . . . Next, he wanted to make sure to include some water, grass, and leaves, as well as other things that you find in a forest. There's a tree, some rocks, and even sticks found in the water so that the salamander can lay her eggs. He also thought the salamander might like some friends, so he added a lizard (that was made during a previous class), a dinosaur, and an alligator. Finally, in the last picture, after realizing that he had blue and brown on, he decided that he could be camouflaged, just like his salamander. (I know, really, he's hard to see, isn't he!?)


  1. Oh my god, so cute! Did he come up with this all by himself?

  2. All by himself. I helped him find the tree and suggested he actually put his sweatshirt on the water and his pants on the dirt. Before that he was just lying in the middle of the blanket.