Sunday, July 17, 2011

a little frog

This is an older picture - from May - I saw it recently and felt like sharing it (and the story behind it). During one of our spring visits to the farm, Sarah and Eric collected thirty or so little frogs in an empty egg carton. (How I wished I had brought my camera!!) I let them bring four frogs home, two of whom disappeared between the farm and our kitchen table.

Originally, I thought we could babysit them until the following week, when we would return to the farm. But, after losing a couple on the way home, I didn't want anything bad to happen to the other two.

We set them free at Ayr Mount the next day, but not before we lost one more. I checked on them shortly before we headed out, and I could only find one. I couldn't figure out where the other one went, and even googled "do frogs eat each other?" (They do - and that answer didn't make me feel better.) After a slightly panicked few minutes, we saw the other one hopping across the kitchen floor. He had climbed out of the hole at the top of the container and must have jumped down from the bookshelf. We scooped him up, put him back in his "home" and then set both of them free.

After the disappearing frog act, we decided that perhaps snails might make better pets. I'll tell you that story soon . . .

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