Tuesday, July 19, 2011

a second (improved) cast

We were so excited on Friday, when Eric was scheduled to get his cast off. We've had a long few weeks, with Eric spending time out of the water at the lake and being reigned in constantly at the pool. The outcome wasn't what we had hoped or expected, but we're doing better this time around.

Eric appreciates funny - maybe above all else - and the woman who took his cast off was really funny. She had him grinning, chatting, and laughing the whole time. Like him, she enjoys life and (I'm guessing) can make even the grumpiest of us smile.

For a brief time, he was cast-free, but he was babying his arm and said it was sore. The x-ray showed that the fracture wasn't completely healed, so he got another cast. Thankfully, this time it was waterproof.

For the first cast, I chose dark blue. As the doctor was wrapping it, he pointed out what a good choice I had made by going with "Duke" blue. Hmmm . . . My choice had nothing to do with school loyalty, but rather my thought that dark blue might be a better choice for my "big boy" than light blue. Three weeks later, with the second cast, I made things right and chose "Carolina" blue. The medical student told me to make sure to get the Duke emblem in the picture, so I did.

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