Tuesday, August 2, 2011

our snails

Not only do we have a worm bin in our kitchen, but we have two snail habitats as well. The (seven) babies are a new addition - Sarah found them under a log last weekend, and she pleaded with us to keep them. Please, please, can we put them in with our other snails? We told her that it wouldn't work, that the hole at the top was too large for them. But . . . when it comes to this kind of thing, I'm easy. I suggested that we could make another habitat for them, and so we did. Brian was rolling his eyes the entire time, but he helped take pictures despite his quiet protest.

We've had the bigger ones for awhile. Shortly after setting the frogs free, I found directions for creating a snail habitat in one of my books. So, we found some snails and put them in their new home. Thanks to my friend Shelly, they have a pretty cool house - she gave me the container, along with a coupon for an aquatic frog. We never did order the frog, but the snails seem to like it. They go back and forth through the tunnel, which is a big hit. There are two big ones and one smaller one - Sarah and Eric call them "Mr. Big" (with no clarification between the two bigger ones) and "Mr. Little."

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  1. Glad you found a use for the container. Our frogs are still doing well but I think they must be bored in the aquarium. Their fish friends are no longer with us.