Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Hope Valley Railway

We had heard that it was worth doing, and so we drove down to a place called Bonsal and rode a train. I had thought it would be this lovely, relaxed experience, with the kids taking it in and quietly enjoying the ride. And that is how it started. However, the ride was long enough that ants crawled into their pants, and it wasn't quite the loveliness that I had imagined. I wasn't even sure they enjoyed themselves for awhile - they kept asking when the ride would be over. When the ride did end, 55 minutes after it started, they said that they had a great time, and I guess they probably did. It was Brian and me that didn't get exactly what we had signed up for - a nice, calm, quiet time. Instead, we got lots of goofy grins, constant chatter, and a game of musical chairs. Check out the last picture - at least the ride home was quiet.

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