Sunday, October 23, 2011

E Man

Eric's into superheroes, and more specifically, he's into E Man. He likes to tell us stories about his great superhero adventures. Did you know that E Man can pick up the planet? And that he can even pick up a really big truck? He can fly, he can turn into a plane, he can run faster than a cheetah, and (if you hadn't guess already) he is super strong. Sometimes Eric tells us that he is E Man, and that he has all of these great adventures when the rest of us aren't paying attention. Other times, Eric says that E Man is someone else - just a superhero he happens to know.

He makes E Man tools - he's made a shield, a little sword, a big sword, a laser, a head piece with the letter "E", and other things that I can't figure out. Everytime I walk past all of this "stuff" (cups and bowls and straws and plastic knives and forks that he's taped together), I'm quite tempted to throw it away. (My general rule - if it doesn't have a home, it can't stay.) But at the same time, I find it hilarious, and so I decide to keep it all (piled up in the corner of his room) for another day.

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