Monday, March 12, 2012

Lego Monster

I was talking to my sister today, and she shared with me that her son Isaac is obsessed with Legos. Well, I told her, we have one of those too. Eric spends most of his time building. While I mostly appreciate his focus and attention to detail, sometimes it's really hard to get him to focus on anything but Legos. He has stories for every wacky thing he makes, and that (usually) makes up for his inattention when I'm pleading with him to "Put the Legos down! Now! It's time to get dressed!" Not only does he build, he looks at Lego books, plays games on the Lego website, tells me daily what new Lego product he wants, and dreams of one day having the most amazing job of being a Lego designer. I think he's not alone in dreaming this dream.

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