Monday, March 19, 2012

our tree house, in progress

I missed a good chunk of the build and I'm sorry to say that I wasn't there to capture the progress from start to finish. While I missed each small step, maybe seeing it after a day's work was better - it was exciting to see how much had been accomplished. The first picture was taken after two full days of work, the second was during the third day, and the last two were taken on the fourth day. With the framework up, I can almost see my dad's vision, and I'm impressed.

On one of the nights, in between yawns, my dad said, "You know, I just really like the idea that I'm building something for my grandchildren. Something that will bring them happiness and lots of good memories." Uh, yeah, I'd say I'd have to agree with that. And I'll add this - I love that my dad gets to use the knowledge that he learned working side by side with his father and that he's sharing that knowledge with Brian. It feels like a big moment, and I think that Sarah and Eric, in their own ways, would agree. They already love it, and they're really excited to see the finished product.

Side note - While I wasn't around much, they did rope me in to helping pull up two of the sides. And when I was helping, my dad was swearing. When I asked about this, Brian said he'd been doing it a lot. I was entertained by the fact that while he was swearing, he was enjoying the process at the same time. What's up with that? Is that just a woodworking/carpentry thing?


  1. No Jen, swearing is not just a woodworking thing. It is also an important (and necessary) thing for golfing, plumbing, fishing and other household chores. We grandfathers have to stick together! Kit

  2. The treehouse is looking GREAT! Bill would have loved to have joined in on the build. xoxo, -p

  3. Without swearing, there would have been limited progress! It wasn't just swearing, but very specific, situationally correct swearing. Imagine getting bashed in the head by a 200lb brace and saying, "Aw shucks.". With that kind of reaction nothing would have been accomplished. Building tree houses requires both a vision and a passion.

  4. I'm so jealous!!! Someday I'll find a way to put Dad's woodworking skills to use in CA. xxoo