Saturday, May 30, 2009

Nature Girl

Sarah's last day of preschool was yesterday, and we were quite proud when she received the "Nature Girl Award." As Ms. Nancy put it, "even the boys couldn't keep up with her, with all the worms she carried around." From what we hear, after she received the award, she found a snake under a rock and brought it to her teacher. Again, as Ms. Nancy said, "she certainly lived up to the award!" As her nature loving parents, we were very impressed, but quickly explained that snakes may not be the best animal to pick up. (We've talked about this before. Really.)

Today, Brian called his parents and asked them to send him the snake picture, the one where he's holding a snake that he found. Sarah loved it. Like father, like daughter.


  1. Great award! How many snakes has she brought to you?

  2. Pretty cool, huh? Thankfully, only one snake, and it wasn't brought to me. :)