Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Durham Bulls

They've done it again. My children have shown me what fun something can be. Something that I wrote off as boring. When I think of the three major spectator sports - football, basketball, and baseball - baseball is the least interesting to me. (I apologize to the Yankee fans reading this - no offense is meant!) It's just a slow game.

Having been at Florida State (Go 'Noles!) when Charlie Ward won the Heisman and when we (note I say "we") won a national championship, my preference is college football. Basketball comes second. March Madness is fun and I enjoy rooting for my other school, UNC (Go Tar Heels!), who happen to have a pretty good team most years. (Once again, no offense to the Duke fans reading this - I promise, it'll be my only "sports" post.) Here's the thing, baseball's just never been at the center of my sports-watching. Maybe it's because I've never made a personal connection, like the other two.

Well, here I am, with my family at a minor league stadium, watching baseball. And I love it. I love how excited and interested Sarah gets, all the questions she asks, her constant focus on the game. Eric's not quite as intent on the game, but he does a really good job, given his constant energy. It may be the popcorn, hot dogs, and snowcones, but still. Could I be a baseball fan? Hey, if my kids like it, then so do I. Go Bulls!

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