Thursday, July 23, 2009

Gone Fishing

Eric and Sarah had their first fishing lesson, thanks very much to Grandpop, with Daddy along to help. We took them to Moccasin Pond, within walking distance from Nana and Grandpop's and one that is full of sunfish. Within a minute of throwing out each line, they caught a fish. As you might imagine, this is quite exciting for little kids. What was even more entertaining was Grandpop's description of each fish. Adjectives like huge, enormous, big, and gigantic were describing tiny little fish. No surprise here - the kids loved it and Sarah has told us that we need to go fishing here. She even pointed out a Barbie fishing rod at the store the other day. I told we'd need to talk to Daddy about that, considering he'll be the one baiting the lines and taking the fish off of them. I'll happily watch - I'm just not so sure about active participation . . .

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