Wednesday, July 8, 2009


On the way home from my parents' house yesterday, we stopped at a rest area. After using the facilities and getting snacks, we headed back to the car. Sitting on a bench near the main building was a man. He had a close-shaved mohawk, a thick goatee, wore leather pants and a leather vest, with a black Harley Davidson shirt underneath. No brainer here - he obviously rode a motorcycle. In fact, I guessed which was his as I glanced at the parking spaces in front of me.

Back to the man - and the image that made me question my preconceived notions. Not that I question the fact of the motorcycle, but rather the nature of the man riding it. His companion was a very small dog, with a neon pink skirt and a bow in her hair, yipping at people who walked past. The pratical part - she wore a harness, rather than a collar, which (I'm assuming) would help her to stay on the motorcycle while riding. When I got in the car, Brian asked if I noticed the pair. Uh, yeah. I told him I should take a picture, and he told me that he could get the camera. I'm still regretting my decision not to impose on the stranger. What a picture it was.

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