Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sarah's Amazing Animal Facts

We were doing errands yesterday, and Sarah was looking at a book that had lots of random animal facts. It piqued her interest and she asked lots of questions. She also shared her own wisdom about the animal kingdom. Here we go -

Sarah: Rattlesnakes live in the desert.
Me: Yes, they do. They also live other places, too.
Sarah: But they REALLY like the desert, because it's hot and dry.
Me: That's true.
Sarah: Tarantulas live in the desert, too. They're spiders.
Me: Yes, they are.
Sarah: And they're really big and furry. But they're not poisonous.
Me: True.
Sarah: Rattlesnakes are poisonous.
Me: Yes, they are.
Sarah: (Looking at the book and moving from the desert to the Arctic and beyond.) This fox is a snow fox, because it's white.
Me: You're probably right. (I can't confirm. I was being a good driver and not looking at the book.)
Sarah: Some foxes have brownish red hair, but they're not snow foxes.
Me: That's right.
Sarah: Foxes eat chickens.
Me: Yes.
Sarah: Do foxes eat moose?
Me: No. I think wolves do, though.
Sarah: Oh yeah. Wolves. Big horn sheep have really strong antlers, so they could protect themselves from wolves.
Me: Probably so.

And this was only the beginning . . . you gotta love it.

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