Sunday, August 16, 2009

that sound?

Eric's new thing - everytime he hears something, he asks, "That sound?" and puts his hand to his ear. For example, tonight I was reading to him and the air conditioning kicked on. He put his hand to his ear and asked, "That sound?" I told him it was the air conditioning. And then he asked, "In my room?" I pointed to the vent on the ceiling and said, "Yes, the air comes out in your room." He said, "No see it." I said, "You can't see the air come out, but you can feel it." He said, "Oh."

In the last couple of days, he's asked about the toilet, the shower, Sarah talking, the dishwasher, Brian walking upstairs, and all sorts of nature and not-nature noises outside. Each time, he stops, puts his hand to his ear, focuses as much as he can, and asks, "That sound?"

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