Tuesday, August 4, 2009

tomatoes, peppers, and thyme, oh my!

I've enjoyed gardening for many years, and when asked, I have always confessed my preference for beauty over practicality, for flowers over food. That being said, this is my first season with tomatoes, peppers, and lots of herbs, all in containers on the deck. The kids love picking the vegetables and they're actually eating them too! (BIG for Sarah.) She's decided she likes tomatoes, but not peppers and Eric's fine with all of it. I'm actually considering turning a perennial bed into a vegetable garden.

We've enjoyed our small crop this year and a larger garden would be most likely be a very happy learning experience for all of us. And I'm just imagining preparing the bed, planting, and picking. I haven't even gotten to cooking and eating. So here's what I'm thinking - more tomatoes, more peppers, some cucumbers and melon, some snap peas, and maybe even some green beans? My dad swears, even though I swear that I hate them, that I would love them just picked. Maybe, just maybe, I will grow some green beans in my garden next year.

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