Monday, November 2, 2009

Our House

Sarah drew our house today. She's pointing to the porch in the picture, and the green triangle on top of it is the playroom. Next to the bonus room is her room, with the attic and chimney at the very top of the page. (Mommy and Daddy and Eric don't have bedrooms, but it's her perspective, after all.) Below her room is the downstairs - she only drew the kitchen and family room, but she does have the kitchen table and family room sofas and table in there. I have no idea what the squiggly line represents. She's drawn the garage, driveway and road, as well as doors and windows. And finally, she drew the deck out back, almost as big as the rest of the house, with the table and herb planter. And, my favorite, she always includes the sun and the sky.

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