Sunday, November 8, 2009

me smell something

Eric has moved on. That is, he's moved from asking about that sound to pointing out smells. More specifically, he says, "Me smell something," anytime he thinks someone has passed gas. He is quite accurate in his smelly ability, however, there have been a few occasions where he's falsely accused someone (or all of us). For example, we were driving in the car yesterday, and Eric said, "Me smell something." But none of us had farted. We all denied it, but Eric wouldn't let up. "Me smell you (pointing to me,) or you (pointing to Brian), or you (pointing to Sarah.)" Again, we all denied his accusations. Once again, "Um-hmm, yes, me smell you, or you, or you." Brian wisely replied, "Whoever smelled it, dealt it, buddy." Eric disagreed. Once more, he blamed the rest of us. Personally, I didn't smell anything, but who knows.

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