Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Animal Encounters

We've seen - and held - our fair share of amphibians and reptiles in the last few weeks. We've found three snakes, two of which were the size of an earthworm and brand new, in our yard. We've played with tadpoles and baby frogs at Ayr Mount, a place where we walk sometimes. There were lots of turtles at the Ft. Fisher Aquarium and a salamander hitched a ride back home from the beach. (We sent him on his way and wish him well in his new environment.)

However silly it may seem, I find myself feeling quite protective of whatever little animal we encounter. I make it very clear to be very careful and gentle with them. (Sarah knows this and listens well, and Eric needs reminding - surprised?) With the recent BP spill in mind, I'm hyper-aware of the negative impact we all have, often without intention to do harm. If there's one thing that I hope Sarah and Eric learn, and learn well, it would be to treat others, no matter how very small, with respect.


  1. I respectfully despise ticks and want them all eliminated from this earth. If I see one, I kill it. Sorry.....don't tell Eric and Sarah!

  2. Yeah - I hear you. Check this one out - we don't squish grubs anymore, but instead toss them in hopes that they become bird food!