Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

This morning, Sarah pulled out a tablecloth that my dad's mom embroidered a long time ago. She placed it on the kitchen table because she wanted the table to be fancy for Mother's Day. It has seen better days - it has stains now and is wrinkled from being shoved too quickly into the dress up chest. Today, Sarah added some green crayon. Despite the disheveled appearance and rough treatment, I cherish it. And then it struck me - today of all days, Sarah decided to go and find it. Without realizing it, Sarah gave me the opportunity to reflect on those who've been where I am now, and the treasures that remind us of them.

I thought about Brian's mom and how her quilts keep my children warm at night. I thought about the sweaters, hats, and mittens she makes for them each year (and a sweater for me this year, which I love!) I thought about the wedding quilt she made us and the afghan that decorates our sofa.

I thought about my mom and her needlework, which decorates both kids' rooms. I thought about her baskets that decorate my kitchen and family room, holding napkins, magazines, and bread. I thought about the baby quilts she made.

I thought about my aunts and Brian's aunt and the baby afghans and quilts that they made. The pillowcases, the baskets, the stuffed animals, and dress up clothes for my kids.

I thought about the afghans and pillow from my dad's mom in the playroom, and the rag rug from his great grandma.

I thought about the afghan and baby sweaters from my own childhood that were made by my mom's mom.

I am overwhelmed. I am so fortunate. Thank you - for all that you've offered and given. Happy Mother's Day.

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