Saturday, May 8, 2010

Family Run

We ran our first family run this morning, with everyone participating. Sarah and Brian ran the mile, I ran a 5k, and Eric ran about 50 feet. We did it largely because of Sarah's enthusiasm to run a "long" race. She did great - and made us proud.

Sarah waiting at the start line. I can't get over how small she looks . . .

Brian and Sarah running the mile. A first for Sarah (and Brian says the last for him, but I think I Sarah could talk him into it again.)

Brian and Sarah showing off their medals after the race.

Eric ran the "little" race.

Go Eric!!

I received a medal for coming in second in my age group. (I'm thinking there were maybe five of us, but who's counting?)


  1. Who cares how many were in the race- YOU NEVER mention that - come on now- when are you going to learn. Great job Carson clan. I am impressed. Hopefully we can all be out there again next year with you. GO SARAH!!!!!

  2. Please, I'm too self-depracating to ever NOT admit that I'm not really that good! I find it amusing. :) Thanks for the support, though!! Send me your blog link, too.