Saturday, August 14, 2010

Shelly, Ty, and Reed

Before we made it out to Iowa to visit family, we stopped to see some friends in Illinois. I met Shelly when I was pregnant with Sarah and she still lived around the corner. Brian and I had just moved to North Carolina from New Jersey and I didn't know anyone. One evening, while I was walking Penny and Shelly was walking Eli, we stopped and talked. It seemed like serendipity. When I came home, I told Brian that I had met my new best friend. However, because she was working and going to school, it wasn't until Shelly had Ty, nine months after I had Sarah, that we spent lots of time together. (Every day to be exact, while walking kids and dogs.)

Despite my very vocal protests, they ended up moving to Illinois just after Eric was born and I hadn't seen her since they moved. So, when I learned that my parents were driving to Iowa, I asked if they'd like some company, on the condition that we could stop in Illinois on the way.

I was able to meet Reed for the first time, and he reminds me of Eric. He's got the same smirk - cute and trouble - all at the same time. Sarah loved all the attention she received from both Ty and Reed - I'm not sure which one liked her more. Much to our amusement, Ty thought that he might like to marry Sarah when he was older. And every time Reed was sitting near her, he would sit on her, or lay across her. Sarah didn't mind it at all.

The visit was far too short, and I hope to get there again soon. But, in a day and a half, we were able to pack in three playgrounds, a water park, some backyard pool time, and best of all, a child-free walk. It's bittersweet. Seeing her reminds me how easy and fun it was and how much I miss having her here. She's one of my favorites - and her kids are pretty great, too.


  1. We just returned from our trip to PA. I showed the boys your blog just now. Reed keeps yelling, "Hi Sarah" and Ty keeps saying, "I miss Sarah a lot." I know they enjoyed Eric too but I think they may be competing for Sarah's hand in marriage. It was such a great visit but way too short. Thanks for taking the long drive to come see us. We need to do it again soon!

    I love the picture of the kids walking on the path. The all seem so happy and carefree!

  2. Can't wait to see you again - I'm trying to figure out how to use the southwest tickets to get up there . . .