Monday, January 31, 2011

She Made Me Proud

How is it that kids know when not to complain? How do they know when they need to be tough? Sarah had new tubes put in her ears today, as well as her adenoids taken out, and she handled herself exceptionally well. She wasn't anxious leading up to it, she was in a good mood (other than complaining of hunger) this morning, both at home and at the hospital, and she didn't complain about it afterwards.

This is the same kid who makes sure I know that a scratch on her finger hurts A LOT and that she NEEDS a bandaid, despite a very obvious lack of blood. What's that about, anyway? (I've polled lots of moms, and she's not alone.) My theory - she doesn't get a whole lot of sympathy when it comes to the scratch on her finger, but she gets a ton when it comes to the bigger stuff. It's all about the love and attention, isn't it?

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  1. Good job Sarah (and parents!)