Thursday, January 6, 2011

Eric World

Often, I wonder what's going on inside his head. And other times I don't want to know. Occasionally, he decides to fill us in and shares a little idea or story. When he's finished, I shake my head and (depending on how truly outrageous this one happens to be) I find myself either grinning or laughing out loud. The kid is funny (in a weird 4-year-old kind of way). I've told Brian more than once that I'm concerned about how good natured and funny he is - he'd make a really good class clown, which is not quite what I'm hoping for him.

So, the most recent "Eric World" conversation goes something like this:
Eric: In Eric World, there is a snake. It is flat. And it is called flatbread snake. Because it's flat.
Brian: If it's called flatbread snake, is it tasty? Like flatbread? Could I cook it up and eat it?
Eric: No, it's called flatbread snake because it's flat. It's poisonous. If you eat it, you will die.
Brian: Well, I guess I won't eat it then.
Eric: Right. Don't eat it.

Alright, then. Like I said, weird and funny.

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  1. Eric, you sure are a funny guy! Grandpop Carson