Friday, July 16, 2010

fairy house

We've added a fairy house to our yard this summer, complete with a swing, a slide, a table and chairs, a playroom, and places for the fairies to take a nap and dip their toes in water. Sarah and Eric fill their dinner plates, made from seashells (of course!) with holly berries, as they've decided that must be what fairies eat. Not very often, but sometimes, the fairies leave presents, showing their gratitude for what's been given to them. We now have a collection of fairy rocks, along with some dried flower petals, all courtesy of our small friends.

What's most exciting to me is that making the fairy house was Sarah's idea. I tried to force my will last summer, but neither one of them was interested. This year, when I intended to get rid of an old dollhouse we weren't using, Sarah said, "Hey! We could use that for a fairy house!" What a great idea . . .

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