Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Our days are always busy, but right now I'm almost certain that December is (by far) the busiest month of all. We made, we cleaned, we played, we baked, we cooked, we gave, we received, we celebrated. These photos are all out of order, because after three days of uploading all the pictures and moments I've neglected to share (because even if I wanted to, I was too busy), I'm ready to be done with December. It was a wonderfully exciting month, as it always is, with both Sarah's birthday(s) and Christmas.

We spent the week leading up to Christmas with my side of the family, and despite the chaos and loudness that four small children create, we loved (almost) every minute. Like Thanksgiving, Christmas is made more special with family. We're grateful that we were able to share our home this holiday season.

Even though my mom cooked ALL the dinners (yes - ALL) and the rest of us helped with cleaning and dishwashing, it took several days for us to recover after everyone left. I felt like Eric looks in the last picture. We're mostly back to normal.

So, as I said, these photos are all out of whack. According to them, Sarah's birthday party came after Christmas. And we must have gone to the Christmas parade recently, not at the beginning of the month. In reality, the ice cave was built the day after Christmas, but who's counting? Maybe sometime in January, I'll organize them all, or maybe I won't. It would probably be more fitting if I let them stay as they are. It'll give me a good sense of what December feels like - very full, very happy, and very, very busy.

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