Monday, December 13, 2010

hello snow

We got lucky this year and have already had our first snow. Sarah wanted to try snow with maple syrup, and she had great hopes that she would love it. No such luck. Maybe we'll try snow ice cream next time and maybe we'll come inside to eat it.
Eric and Brian threw lots of snowballs.
Meanwhile, Sarah was a penguin. She waddled around with her arms glued to her side and her hands facing out. It was a pretty good impression, I must say. She tried to talk Eric into being her polar bear friend and he appeased her for awhile, but then went back to the snowball fights. I couldn't help but mention that penguins live in Antarctica and polar bears live in the Arctic, and therefore they probably wouldn't be friend. (Not to mention that if a polar bear was anywhere near a penguin, the penguin would be eaten in short order.) Sarah decided that neither geography nor animal behavior mattered.
The snowman toppled over within an hour, but it survived long enough to snap a picture!
It snowed on Saturday (December 4th), so we bundled up and went out for sledding the next morning. They loved it - can you tell?!

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