Monday, December 6, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We spent several days leading up to and following Thanksgiving with my parents. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed/behaved themselves, even during Thanksgiving dinner! For me, this was somewhat shocking - unfortunately, no matter how much Brian and I entertain, plead, and threaten our children, dinners are not where they show their best selves. But, on this very special evening, they outdid themselves and made us proud, or at least relieved that we didn't have to badger them every minute and a half . . .

In preparation for our celebration, Sarah, Grandma, and I made turkey name cards for everyone, on which we wrote what makes us thankful. Six things that make Eric thankful: playdoh, all my family, water, playing in my sandbox, my trucks, and cookie yogurt. (Water? Really? We had to comment at his awareness of such an important resource.)
Six things that make Sarah thankful: salty corn, my family, Christmas, (I'm certain this is because she loves to spend time with her family, and not because of presents, right?!) raspberries, my teachers, and my friends.As for the rest of us, some ideas that stand out include: family, friends, good food, health, books, beautiful days, smiles, music, and (last but certainly not least) football. As my dad likes to say and have his grandchildren say (over and over again), "Go Hawks!!"

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