Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Eric's World, a poem

I wrote this for the writing class I'm currently taking . . .

In Eric’s world,
you win a medal
for being the slowest runner
in a race. If you’re fast,
you’ll get one too.

In Eric’s world,
there’s a snake
that is poisonous
and made out of chocolate.

In Eric’s world,
Bendaroos become space ships,
Legos are fire trucks,
and a stick can be

In Eric’s world,
rivers are oceans,
and oceans are meant
for pirates to sail.

In Eric’s world,
picnics should happen
every day, anywhere,
in sun, rain, or snow.

In Eric’s world,
there are knights in shining armor,
dragons, castles,
and a princess for his sister.

In Eric’s World,
there is a superhero
named Love Boy.
He gives big kisses, strong hugs,
loves the most and the best.

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