Saturday, June 18, 2011

On Father's Day

On Mother's Day, Sarah asked us when it would be Kid's Day. Our answer - every day is kids' day. Even on those days that we celebrate the parents. And today, we had a great dad's/kid's day. Sarah and Eric proudly gave Brian and Grandpop their cards, and then, for the most part, it was all about the kids.

We started the day with doughnuts, a New Jersey tradition that Sarah and Eric look forward to with great anticipation. After that, we went fishing at Moxon Pond, another summer highlight. The two dads got their one break during the day when Brian took Grandpop out to lunch at Jimmy Buff's, a local (meat-focused, high calorie, high choloesterol) institution. The rest of us happily ate at home.

After lunch, we checked out an antique car show, saw some horses, played on a playground, and found a geocache. And even though it seemed like the day should be done, we weren't quite finished. We played for a couple of hours at home, without fussing, which was the best dad's day gift of all. We were treated to filet mignon for dinner and popsicles for dessert. We had a very full, happy day.

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