Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Turdy the Turtle

My children don't come up with interesting names for their animals. We have Hedgie the Hedgehog, Birdy the Bird, Monkey the Monkey, Giraffey the Giraffe, Ellie the Elephant, and (YES!) Turdy the Turtle. Finally, their lack of creativity has paid off!

I'm spelling it phonetically, just to be clear, although I totally appreciate the four-year-old sense of humor. They didn't say Turtie - they said Turdy.

We met this little guy on a walk in the woods while visiting our friends in Atlanta. I was quite proud - Sarah picked him up carefully and then passed him to Eric, who put him down just as carefully as his sister. They were intrigued by how sharp his claws were and how fast he moved his legs while they held him. Poor guy, they were very nice to him, but he wanted down.

And, after this proud Mommy moment, they decided to give him a name. "Let's name him Turdy!" Eric called out, and Sarah quickly agreed, "Yeah, Turdy the Turtle!" (I'm almost certain they didn't get the joke they just told.) Little kids are the best.

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